Aarogya pays to make healthcare accessible to patients

As part of Aarogya Pay, QR codes will be installed in medical clinics that patients can scan to avail instant medical loans at 0% interest and 3/6 EMI

Navia Life Care recently launched “Aarogya Pay” – a fully digital process to make instant loans (Buy Now Pay Later) available to patients. With this exclusive launch, the company aims to make medical treatment accessible to patients, by enabling instant zero-rate and 3/6 EMI loans.

With soaring medical costs, health insurance policies fall short of terms. In many cases, people have to move from one pillar to another and need immediate funds to start their treatment. Aarogya Pay is a fully digital process in which a QR code is installed at doctor’s clinic. After scanning the code, Aarogya Pay helps patients enjoy and get a medical loan approved instantly.

Aarogya Pay provides a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs 60,000 per patient. Patients can take advantage of this loan for medical procedures, treatments, consultations, drug purchases and the laboratory trials.

“Insurance penetration in the country is low resulting in high out-of-pocket expenses for the patients. This in turn leads to poor quality of care as patients postpone their treatments until later. Appointment. Aarogya Pay aims to change that by providing Pay Later/Instant Buy Now with no fees. EMI option to patients. With Aarogya Pay, we strive to help patients expedite their treatment process and quickly access funds for regular medical procedures,” said Gaurav Gupta, co-founder of Navia Life Care.

The company has partnered with RBI registered financial institutions for instant credit procedures and availability. By scanning the QR code, patients must do an e-KYC and instantly know their eligibility for the loan. After verification, the loan is approved and disbursed immediately.

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