Additions throughout the Week 26 (2021) pitcher waiver


This is my last post of the year on waiver lead pickups. I really appreciate everyone who has read this, and hope I have helped you during these 26 weeks.

With so little time left, this article is essentially just a “streamers” article. I’m only focusing on the next seven days, because right now that’s what interests the majority of fantasy managers who are still reading this.

It’s do or die time, so let’s find you some guys to stream if you’re really desperate.

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Ranger Suarez, Philadelphia Phillies (57% registered)

He’s the best guy that’s widely available. Ranger has allowed just five runs in his last five starts while pitching 29 innings. He struck out 33 batters in that span with just seven walks. It’s nice. He gets a really good game next week with the Orioles, in which he should do well. It’s a great, great option to choose for your fantastic playoffs and / or final weeks.

Carlos Hernandez, Kansas City Royals (32% enrolled)

He was last brutalized on the 15th, allowing nine hits and seven earned runs in track and field. This led to a group of players dropping him. Since July, however, Hernandez has kept the ball in the court with the best of them, allowing a home run for every 53 batters faced. It makes these outings really difficult for him. The bad news is that he doesn’t have a big strikeout rate (22% for the year) and he’s also making the guys walk at a high rate (11%). The next clash is against the Indians, which is a team that doesn’t hit a lot of home runs to start, so Hernandez shouldn’t kill you this week and he might even be lucky in a quality start.

Tony Gonsolin, Los Angeles Dodgers (28% registered)

He’s made two appearances since his time in IL, and they’ve been good. He pitched eight innings against the Cardinals and D’Backs, allowing five hits and a single run while striking out nine. He’s a good pitcher, and it was really encouraging to see him go five innings. Chances are he has a legitimate role on the Dodgers playoff squad, so they’ll want to stretch him a bit. I think he’s a good addition for the deep leagues for the final weeks of the season.

An 11 strikeout game on the 15th was Cortes’ best outing of the year by far. His previous record was seven, so it was quite an unexpected result. He’s been great at limiting points even when strikeouts were going down, he allowed three runs or less in his last six starts, so he still kept you in the game. He’s playing a game next week with the Rangers, which is a very good game. Add Cortes if he’s available and you need a pitcher.

It’s a short list, but it’s legitimately all I can recommend. Hope your teams are in good enough shape that they don’t have to take risks like these guys (although I don’t think Suarez is a big risk – so I would look for his path in most league setups. ). Good luck everyone, and I’ll be back with more next season!

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