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This summer, Spend Matters explores the theme of environment, social and governance (ESG) in companies; in particular, we place great importance on sustainability – what this means for sourcing, the supply chain and procurement in general. Read “ESG Technologies and Sustainability in Purchasing: Why it’s Important Now and How the Market is Responding” (as part of our PRO offering) from our analyst Bertrand Maltaverne to find out what will be covered in this market-driven series and technology.

Supporting the efforts of our analysts to bring these important topics to the fore, a set of interviews, surveys and research conducted by our editorial team. They will set the stage for our coverage, define the specifics of terminology, talk to the people who lead the sustainability agenda in their organizations, talk to the technology providers that facilitate these efforts, and get a sense of what sustainability means for others. many people . At the end of the series, our analysts will take up the main themes that emerge from these interactions.

Look for the following deliverables on Spend Matters, all free to read.

The ESG and sustainability index:

Now read: The basics of CSR, ESG, sustainability and how technology adds information to the process

We launch the series with an overview of the meaning of key concepts and provide a glossary of terms to clarify the many abbreviations used in the fields of CSR, ESG and sustainability.

July 27: Timeline of ESG procurement and supply chain regulation over the years

What does sustainability really mean to you?

This part of the series addresses some of the voices behind the vast selection of companies when it comes to sustainability efforts, asking three key questions:

  • How would you ensure in your organization that sustainability is not just a checkbox exercise?
  • How would you integrate sustainability and responsible practices / thinking in purchasing?
  • What would you ask from procurement technology / software providers to help you meet your sustainability goals?

Now read: What does sustainability really mean to you? Jaroslaw Richert, Senior IT Asset Governance Officer, Schneider Electric

July 19: What does sustainability really mean to you? Gail Evans, Director of Brightman Business Change Consulting

July 26: What does sustainability really mean to you? Andy Davies, Head of Purchasing at the Natural History Museum in London and Kimberley Lewis, Head of Environment and Sustainability

August 2nd : What does sustainability really mean to you? Martin Thompson, founder of the ITAM Forum

August 9: What does sustainability really mean to you? Wouter Machiels, purchasing director at imec

August 16: What does sustainability really mean to you? Rob Bonnar, Director of Global Purchasing at SHV ​​Energy

August 23: What does sustainability really mean to you? Mark Smith, VP of Purchasing, Digital & Talent Supply at BP

ESG information

In this series, we chat with various procurement professionals to get a personal idea of ​​what their ESG efforts really mean to the businessmen who implement them and the business impact as a whole.

July 20: Q&A with Greta Matos, responsible supply chain specialist at & Wider

August 4: Q&A with Manjula Lee, Founder and CEO of World Wide Generation

August 24: Recycling in purchases – CleanO2, a personal care company that reuses carbon emissions in soaps

Supply chain mapping and n-tier visibility for sustainable development – the experts’ point of view

August 16: Q&A with Bob Young, Vice President, SupplyShift

August 17: Q&A with Luise Müller-Hofstede, Customer Partner / Strategic Development at Circulor

August 18: Q&A with Jayson Berryhill, CEO and Founder of Wholechain and in (visible)

PRO content digs deeper into ESG details

In the PRO portion of the ESG / Sustainability series this month and next, subscribers can read our analysts’ insights on issues and technology providers. All readers can see the long intros of the PRO messages, which frame the issues discussed.

The PRO articles on ESG topics that we will provide:

  • A definition of what sustainability means for purchasing (hint: it’s more than business continuity)
  • A look at the economics of sustainability beyond the P&L impact
  • Examples of what sustainability encompasses for each organization
  • A mapping of sustainability factors in S2P
  • A review of the critical capabilities that procurement technology should include
  • A business case return on investment model for investing in ESG / sustainability technology for procurement
  • Understand how sustainability is approached by procurement technology suites and by niche solutions / specialists

Additional articles in this series on the ESG market landscape will provide:

  • Segmentation of the sustainability coverage market in S2P, including relative levels of capacity by vendor group
  • Supplier profiles by segment, with a specific analysis of the adequacy to sustainability requirements
  • Deepening of specific topics including carbon footprint tracking, modern labor rights / slavery and supply chain visibility at multiple levels
  • New supplier example profiles for each segment

How do you find the right procurement technology and the right supplier for your business? Spend Matters’ new 5-step “Procurement Technology Buying Guide” can help – with how-to documents, checklist templates and other tips.

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