College football: exemption approved for replacement boules

The Division I Football Oversight Committee on Thursday approved a waiver of the April 1 bowling ball certification application deadline. The exemption allows for the development of a replacement game for the 2021 bowling season.

Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference and the Mountain West Conference have requested to provide flexibility in the system and to use two pre-approved seats to create a single competition. To provide this opportunity, a waiver of the April 1 bowl certification application deadline was required. The Conferences plan to partner with ESPN Events to develop a game consistent with other playoff bowl experiences.

“We are always looking for opportunities for student-athletes to participate, and we felt that matched the build,” said Sandy Barbour, chair of the Division I Football Oversight Committee and director of the athletics at Penn State.

When certification was closed for the current bowl season, the conferences had established commitments for 42 bowl games with 84 teams. However, this summer, the San Francisco Bowl alerted the NCAA and its two partner conferences, the Big Ten and the Pac-12, that it would not be hosting a game this year. As a result, at the start of the 2021-22 season, the system predicted 41 games with 82 teams needed to fill all available bowl spots.

Hawaii, which finished the season 6-7, will join the 83 teams that qualified for a bowl game. Hawaii is a substitute ahead of all 5-7 teams as it has competed in 13 regular season competitions and finished the season with six wins that count to meet the definition of a “deserving team”.

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