Detroit Red Wings remove Gemel Smith from Lightning waivers

The Detroit Red Wings have made a slight roster change that brings a new group of brothers to the organization. According to Elliotte Friedman’s report, the Red Wings claimed Gemel Smith from the waiver wire on Wednesday.

The Detroit Red Wings reunited Gemel Smith and Givani Smith with this move, bringing the brothers together again. It will be great for the Smith family and allow Gemel to try and crack the roster.

Gemel has been in and around the league the past six seasons with the Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning. Although he never played more than 20 games in more than one season with the Stars, he bounced back.

This may not be a major acquisition or a significant roster change. However, the Red Wings managed to bring some forward depth and reunite two brothers in the process. Gemel didn’t register any time in 2021-22 due to a lower-body injury he suffered before the start of the season.

The Detroit Red Wings have called on Gemel Smith to back out of reuniting his brothers.

It’s a nice gesture to bring these two brothers together, although it remains to be seen where Gemel will fit in, likely an in-depth role. Givani Smith has been a familiar face in the last six for the Red Wings and is a quality enforcer when on the ice.

He dropped the gauntlet many times and was a physical presence the Red Wings relied on. Gemel is not as much in the penalty area as his brother, but he certainly has his brother’s physique.

As far as Smith’s career goes, his best performance was over 46 games with the Stars in 2017-18, where he had six goals and five assists for 11 total points. In total career, he recorded 88 games in five seasons where he saw the ice for a total of 12 goals and 12 assists for 24 total points.

While Givani has become a mainstay of the Red Wings roster throughout the 2021-22 season, his brother will likely be looking to get some playing time. Gemel is another option for the Red Wings to plug into for the final six of the Red Wings upon his return.

He signed for the 2022-23 season with a $750,000 cap hit on the books next year. So it looks like the Red Wings are looking at Smith as someone who will be a consistent depth option and addition to the roster.

The bigger question will be where and how often Gemel will end up playing.

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