Fantasy Baseball Waiver Thread: Jose Quintana, Devin Williams and Jorge Alfaro (2022)

My, how our waiver thread has to change when we get to this point in the season. Although the trade deadline varies depending on the league format and game platform, it should arrive in the next few weeks for most. That hope we had that we might be able to peel a top starter or premium infielder in exchange for draft picks disappears, and instead we’re left with a waiver thread filled with rejections from others. , the never-has-been, and never-will-bes. But there are still treasures to be found, depending on how you plan to approach the rest of your season.

My mother-in-law always liked to say, “If you want to see God laugh, make plans. I’ve been thinking about her a lot this week as I find myself chasing pitchers collecting SV/HD while qualifying as an SP in a deep league with unique categories. That’s the beauty and joy of the waiver thread, and it’ll always have treasures to uncover if you’re willing to take a risk or seven.

Fear not – I’m not going to focus my recommendations on the “Matt Bush, Dominic Leone and Matt Brash” contingent of pickups (although I’m sure they’re probably available in your league).

The waiver weekend after the trade deadline is usually chaotic as many players’ roles and fantasy values ​​change. I’ll also be following formatting from the great Brian Entrekin to help you find an edge as we head into the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Playoffs.

FAABulous Four: Waiver Wire Targets

Devin Williams (RP – MIL) 52% registered

Devin Williams has played for the Brewers since 2019 and, for the most part, has played second fiddle in the bullpen to Josh Hader during that span. With Hader hanging around San Diego now, Williams can post his 40.74K% while enriching your save total instead of just being a ratio specialist. For those of you in leagues where waivers only work once, it may require a higher bid than your initial instinct to employ the 27-year-old for the remainder of the year. He is the clear whimsical winner of the trade deadline.

Alec Bohm (3B – PHI) 38% registered

It seems Alec Bohm doesn’t hate Philadelphia as much as he used to. Over the past two weeks, he’s reduced .417/.435/.583 with two home runs, 11 RBIs and 11 runs scored. While that pace is unsustainable, his overall numbers are of the “safe and steady” variety, which I never thought I’d say about this guy. For the season, he’s reduced .297 / .327 / .418, and the scarcity of the third base position has worn so far. Grab it if you have someone outside the top 10 playing that position on your roster.

Mitch Haniger (OF – SEA) 68% registered

Mitch Haniger suffered a sprained ankle on April 29, giving us too small a sample to judge how his 2022 would compare to his 39 HR season a year ago. He’s punching hard in his Triple-A rehab and is expected to return to Seattle next week. The Mariners have a packed outfield with newly acquired Jesse Winker, Jarred Kelenic, Kyle Lewis and Jake Lamb in the current rotation. With Julio Rodriguez hopefully back as soon as he’s eligible and Haniger back, Seattle will have all the pieces it originally intended to put into its lineup. This batting order will arrive on base and will need someone to lead them all. If Haniger is available in your league, meet your RBI buddy for the rest of the year.

Jean Segura (2B – PHI) 64% Registered

The Phillies reinstated Jean Segura on Thursday after he had been on the IL since May 31, when he fractured his finger. Prior to that, he had a productive season, slashing .272/.320/.402 with six home runs, 19 RBIs and eight stolen bases. He also had a lower BABIP than his career average, so those numbers were expected to increase before the injury. In recent weeks, the Phillies seem to have found an offensive rhythm, and Segura will contribute in several categories without hurting your ratios. If you’re in the 36% of leagues where he’s available, he’s definitely a priority pick-up this weekend.

Priority pickups –

Aledmys Diaz (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF–HOU) 16%

Mr. Positional Versatility is hotter than the sun right now. Over the past week, he’s gone 10 for 24 with three home runs, five runs and five RBIs. The Houston roster is making 4.5 carries per game with the ability to explode in higher numbers at any time. The addition of Trey Mancini increases that number, and Diaz will always find his way into the lineup as long as he keeps punching. Chances are no other Houston play is hanging out on the wire, but it’s an offense worth chasing, and Diaz is available everywhere.

Seth Brown (1B, OF – OAK) 14% entered

Speaking of players on fire, Seth Brown is currently on fire himself. He’s been streaky all year, but in the past two weeks he’s cut .333/.393/.745 with six home runs and eight RBIs. Did he also strike 11 times? Sure. But he also walks a lot, and even though he’s a lousy athletic formation, he’ll play every day and tend to shake things up. Maybe avoid it in leagues where strikeouts count against you.

Jose Quintana (SP – STL) 20% registered

Jose Quintana drives a ton of ground balls and is now playing for a team that is fifth in defensive points saved. The Cardinals’ infield is as solid as it gets, with more defenders around the horn. His K/9 rate is only 7.9, but his K/BB rate is 2.91, so he should protect your ratios while racking up wins in his new division. A division, I might add, where the other four teams are in the top 10 in MLB in strikeouts, so K/9 will likely go up. It’s worth adding wherever you’re hungry to throw.

Dustin May (SP – LAD) 19% registered

Dustin May is expected to have two more starts in rehab before returning to the Dodgers rotation. His thing was electric before his Tommy John surgery last May, and while LA takes a cautious approach to his comeback, he’ll arrive in time for the playoffs in both reality and fantasy. He won’t arrive for a few weeks, but in a few weeks he won’t be on the waiver wire. Grab it and put it away if you have room.

Priority Pickups – Marlins Edition

Jesus Luzardo (SP – MIA) 25% registered

Braxton Garrett (SP – MIA) 20% registered

Tanner Scott (RP – MIA) 14% registered

The Miami Pitching Machine continues to produce pitchers worth signing up for a variety of reasons. Tanner Scott is expected to be the closest to full-time for the rest of the year after offloading Anthony Bass and Zach Pop to Toronto at the deadline. He’s not an elite closer, but saves are saves. Jesus Luzardo returned last week from a forearm injury that had kept him out of the rotation since May 10. He sports a 12.2 K/9, so he’s mostly an add-on at bat as long as you can absorb his unsightly 4.2 BB/9. Finally, Braxton Garrett seems to have it figured out. He has a 3.79 ERA and a .92 WHIP in his last seven starts, with 49 strikeouts in 40 1/3 innings. Most of those starts have come against teams in NL Central, so be careful when taking on a powerhouse like the Mets or Dodgers.

Deep League Target –

Miguel Vargas (3B – LAD) 3% Registered

Miguel Vargas is probably enrolled in the Dynasty Leagues, but it might be worth picking up a flyer on him for everyone. After going all “Veni, Vidi, Vici” on his first start, he went 0 for 4 on his second, that’s how rookies roll; however, if he continues to bat in seventh place in that Dodgers order, he should have tons of opportunities depending on the level of talent around him. He may also be a short-lived addition if Justin Turner returns from IL and Vargas ends up in Sugar Land.

Deep League Targets – Receiver Level

Jorge Alfaro (C – SD) 4% Registered

Jose Trevino (C – NYY) 9% registered

Productive catchers in August are like tornadoes in Minnesota in December. Pretty rare, but it has happened, and when it does, it freaks me out. Much like Aledmys Diaz, Alfaro is perhaps the only piece of San Diego’s crazy roster that fantasy managers can still get their hands on. He’s having a decent season, slashing .268/.299/.423 with seven home runs and 36 RBIs. I expect both numbers to rise quickly for the rest of the season. Trevino is in the same boat and has been hot in recent weeks. He has 10 homers, which is quite an achievement considering he only had nine dingers in his entire career prior to 2022. The Yankee Stadium effect is indeed live for him.

These two can be usable ROS options in a position where most fantasy managers just hope someone doesn’t hurt them too much.

Play the hand dealt to you and use the waiver thread as you see fit to get you into the playoffs. And, as always, good luck!

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