Fantasy baseball waiver tip: welcome to a good burger



Max Kepler, (MIN); FAAB bid: 2-3% – If you are in one of the 54% of Yahoo leagues in which Kepler is still available, now is the time to act quickly because he will not be on this list for long. Entered into action on Saturday, the outfielder has 11 for his last 32 with four home runs and eight RBIs. Kepler still only hits .222, but you can’t dispute the fact that he’s a double threat with 10 homers and seven stolen goals. I would like to think that Kepler’s BABIP .243 is the cause of his struggles and will lead to an improvement, but in fact it is consistent with what we have seen of him previously. What’s after here is that 15/15 potential because it has an ISO of 0.237 and a launch angle of 18.8 degrees. If you want to be bullish, Kepler’s 11.3% barrel rate and 46.0% hit rate will do just that.

Leury Garcia, (SCF); FAAB bid: 1% – Garcia isn’t the type of player who’ll really jump on you, but depending on the league, he’s eligible just about anywhere. In the daily league or if you plug a hole, Garcia is the perfect option as he plays pretty much every day for Chicago. Entering action on Friday, Garcia hit .379 in July before going no-hitting to lower his season average to .259. There’s not a lot of power or speed here, but Garcia is a reliable option if you’re looking to fill a gap.

Hunter Dozier, (KC); FAAB bid: 1% – At the start of the season, Dozier was well regarded as a bat with some potential who could hit 20-25 home runs while driving around 80 points. It’s an understatement to say things aren’t going exactly as planned for Dozier who had only hit 0.179 when he took action on Saturday. Things have gotten better lately for him as that includes a .258 batting average in his last 31 strokes, but Dozier has eight homers at this point and Kansas City continues to use him in the middle of their order. typing. Much of this is due to the lack of other options, but it works in his favor as he has plenty of time to resolve his issues. Based on Dozier’s batting average, he probably won’t gain attention for a while, but based on his BABIP of .228 things should start to improve. With an ISO of 0.167, Dozier hasn’t lost his potency and his 8.6% barrel rate is in line with what we’ve seen of him before while also posting a career high hit rate of 43.4 %.

Ben gamel, (PIT); FAAB bid: 1-2% – Talk about an unlikely cleaning hitter. But here Gamel is for what is clearly a rebuilding Pittsburgh team that finishes fourth in just about every game. He took a .238 batting average on Saturday before tearing up a single hard touchdown, so it’s certainly not the most exciting option, but in his last 34 at bat, Gamel hit .324 with three home runs. , seven RBIs, and seven runs scored. The outfielder cranked the balls up to levels he wasn’t close to (10.9%) and clearly adjusted his swing to focus on the long ball with an 18.9 degree pitch angle.

Jake burger, (SCF); FAAB bid: 2% – Since his promotion, everything Burger has done is touched. The problem at this point is that Burger didn’t play every day but in the end you have to expect talent to win. He went far on his first career home run on Saturday after hitting 10 in 42 Triple-A games earlier this season. In 27 home plate appearances with the White Sox, Burger has hit 0.400 and the bottom line for the former first-round pick is that he’s in good health after not playing from 2018-20 due to injuries and the lack of a minor league season last year. If Burger keeps hitting and gaining more playing time, this is someone to watch.

Starting throwers

Dane dunning, (TEX); FAAB bid: 2% – It’s tough here because Dunning will face the Astros at the end of the week. However, the right-hander starts the week off with a favorable game against the Tigers and he’s one of the best two-starters you could find floating around on waiver. In his last three starts, Dunning has a 1.93 ERA, but more importantly he’s 14 strikeouts in 14 innings. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as he strikes out 9.68 batters per nine innings over the season to go along with a 4.22 which you think was inflated by a .361 BABIP. Dunning is not going too crazy on the steps (3.19 for nine innings) and his 3.35 FIP and 3.57 xFIP also indicate a favorable picture.

Alec mills, (CHC); FAAB bid: 1-2% – Mills is another solid option if you’re looking to maximize innings and strikeouts this week while giving yourself two chances to win. Against the Cardinals and Diamondbacks, I’m not particularly concerned with either game, but at the same time, I wouldn’t consider Mills a slam dunk either. The main thing I love about Mills is that he does a great job of keeping the ball on the ground (56.4%) which helps limit potential damage and explains why there is some optimism behind it. its ERA of 4.84 with an FIP of 4.16 and 4.03 xFIP. We get 7.45 strikeouts every nine innings, so while it’s late from what we’ve become used to, it’s not terrible when he takes the mound twice and he has a solid chance. to emerge victorious against Arizona.

Zach thompson, (MIA); FAAB bid: 3% –Thompson returned to action on Saturday and quickly pitched four scoreless innings in Philadelphia while striking out two. In 28 innings with the Marlins this season, Thompson has a 1.93 ERA while striking out 10.61 batters per nine innings, limiting walks (2.89 per nine innings) and avoiding the long ball (one). An FIP of 2.46 and an xFIP of 3.83 indicate some regression, but it’s hard to argue with what we’ve seen from Thompson so far and even at this point you’re unlikely to find much better. on the waiver thread.

Relief pitchers

Ranger Suárez, (PHI); FAAB bid: 5% – Let’s go, now let’s turn our attention to Suarez in the ever-evolving battle over who will get stops in Philadelphia. With three in the past 14 days, including the last two save opportunities for Philadelphia, it’s safe to assume the job belongs to Suarez. At least for now. With a 1.22 ERA and 39 strikeouts in 37 innings this season, Suarez has proven worthy of the job and we have to flock to him.

Paul Sewald, (SEA); FAAB bid: 5% – Sewald converted Seattle’s last two stoppage opportunities, which means by that logic the closest job belongs to the right-hander. There isn’t a lot of background to work with as Sewald only has three stops this season, but there is an opportunity in Seattle and he certainly held the job with a 1.38 ERA and a WHIP of 0.96 while getting five wins in relief and hitting. on 44 batters in 26 innings. It is a train worth driving for as long as possible.

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