Fawad criticizes Sindh government for “zero development” despite funds



Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday criticized the Sindh government for failing to develop the province despite receiving billions from the Center in the name of development.

The Information Minister added that despite receiving so much money, the Sindh provincial government has not been able to repair its own police department, and every year it begs the federal government to allow the Rangers to remain in the province.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi, the federal minister accused Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah of pursuing a nationalist policy. “He [Murad] separates itself from the politics of Benazir and Zulfiqar Bhutto, ”Fawad pointed out.

“Sindh has received Rs 1600 to Rs 1800 billion over the past three years,” said Fawad, adding that “Sindh’s share has been increased even in this budget. They have had so much money but where is it go ?”

According to the federal minister, the whole nation was suffering for the sake of saving the citizens of Sind and Karachi of suffering.

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“Section 140A must be implemented in Sindh at present. Governor Raj is not a solution because it is an undemocratic process, ”he said.

He added that the federal government provided 500 MW of electricity to K-Electric. “The provision of additional electricity was the reason why the people of Karachi did not face a load shedding in this scorching heat,” he said.

The Federal Minister further maintained that Sindh would receive an additional 700-750 billion rupees this year.

In recent years, around 90 million rupees has been spent on Larkana district, but no work is visible, Fawad said.

In addition, the minister informaitno added that monetary funds were also taken for Badin district, Ghotki and other areas with no obvious development.

“How long will Sindh be run by awarding contracts to privileged contractors,” he asked, adding that “most plebiscite cases also come from Sindh.”

“Year of growth”

The minister informed the media that the country has experienced a record harvest of wheat, rice and maize this year. “Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the inflation rate in Pakistan has remained low and the government has reduced the price of small vehicles in this year’s budget,” he added.

In addition, the minister said that taxes have also been reduced, while the minimum wage has been raised to Rs 20,000.

“This year will be a year of growth and improvement for the common man. I am happy that all sections of Pakistan have welcomed the budget, ”he said.

“Read before rejecting”

“However, one of the virtues of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is that they reject everything without reading it,” the minister noted. He said the PML-N didn’t even bother to read the budget before rejecting it altogether.

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He added that the party had also not even looked at the electronic voting machine (EVM) before rejecting it.

“They claim the elections are failing but don’t want electoral reforms,” Fawad observed, adding that “these people are already claiming that the next election will be rigged.

Accusing the PML-N of rejecting everything, the federal minister said he wanted to deny overseas Pakistanis their right to vote, while party leader Ahsan Iqbal claimed that overseas Pakistanis were not aware of Pakistan’s problems.

Condemning such remarks, the Federal Minister argued that overseas Pakistanis are the ones who send money to their own country instead of withdrawing the money.

“Nawaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar and their sons are also abroad. What do you think of them? ”Fawad commented.

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