Greenwich DTC nominating committee recommends candidates for municipal elections


The Democratic City of Greenwich Committee nominating committee announced a full slate of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections on Monday. In accordance with state law, the DTC will hold its appointment agreement to approve candidates at its meeting on July 21.

Greenwich is a wonderful community with many amenities and attributes. Each of the candidates approved by the nominating committee has an impressive track record of professional experience and volunteer involvement in the city. For all the virtues of the City, there are issues to be resolved. As we enter the campaign season, our candidates will be soliciting input from residents on the issues and challenges we face in the future.

The Nominating Committee announces the following candidates for the indicated City Council

• Premier Selectman: William “Bill” Kelly is a lawyer and longtime resident who has served the City for over 18 years at RTM, BET and the Board of Education. Bill understands the city and its government and is committed to the bright future of Greenwich.

“Our focus is the future of Greenwich, all of Greenwich. We want the Greenwich we know and believe in, not the one of politics and resentment; not one of the collapsing roofs and downtown traffic jam, but one of the low taxes; great schools and wonderful diversity, ”said Kelly. “Janet and I intend to bring a caring, compassionate and cooperative leadership style with forward thinking and creativity.”

• Selectman: Janet Stone McGuigan continues a family tradition of service in Greenwich and is a member of the RTM. A graduate of Cornell University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Janet’s professional experience includes mediating federal political disputes. “Bill and I are a great team. Let us show you how we can serve our City.

• City Clerk: Mary “Molly” Saleeby is a longtime resident of Greenwich and is currently serving her second term at RTM. She is her district vice-president and a member of the budget review committee. Molly also volunteers with the Parks and Recreation Foundation.

A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Molly’s professional background has been administration, marketing and customer service.

“I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective and new ideas to the Clerk’s Office, which will make the experience more efficient and modern for all users,” Saleeby said.

• Tax Collector: Trevor Crow, a graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard Business School, began his career in the securities industry before becoming a family therapist.

Ms. Crow said, “Building on the success of our former Democratic tax collector, I will continue the work of streamlining the tax collection process, collecting overdue taxes and maintaining an open door policy. to hear residents’ concerns. “

• Appraisal and Tax Advice: Laura Erickson, Miriam Kreuzer, Leslie Moriarty, Jeff Ramer and David Weisbrod are incumbents who have served with distinction on the BET.

“On behalf of the full members of BET, we appreciate the support of the nominating committee to continue serving the city within BET,” said De Leslie Moriarty, chair of the BET Democratic Caucus. “We look forward to continuing to bring our complementary skills and experiences and our strong working relationships to BET, providing the leadership needed for proper investment and financial management for the future of our city. “

Stephen Selbst is the proposed candidate to replace Elizabeth Krumeich, who is stepping down after three terms. Stephen Selbst has lived in Greenwich for 28 years. His experience as a lawyer specializing in finance and restructuring places him in a good position to sit on the City’s finance council.

• School Board: Kathleen Stowe is Vice-President of the School Board and is recommended for another term.

The nominating committee also recommends Laura Kostin and Katherine LoBalbo, both of whom sit on the RTM. The three candidates are committed to pursuing the excellence of the City’s schools while tackling very
real issues, such as post-pandemic mental health and learning loss issues, aging school infrastructure, and the provision of special education services.

• Appeals from the Evaluation Committee: The Nominating Committee recommends incumbents Joe Huley and Howard Richman, as well as Bill Grad.

• Constable: The nominations committee recommends incumbents Dawn Fortunato and Donnie Romeo.

Additional slate information will be updated periodically on the DTC website:

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