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Looking for an Alpha Interview Transcript ?? Tom Logan on Seeking Alpha, 10/15/2021

Josh Kincaid, in search of the alpha

Welcome to Seeking Alpha. I’m Josh Kincaid, Capital Markets Analyst, and today I’m interviewing CEOs. My guest today is Tom Logan, he is the CEO of Mirion. Tom, thank you for being with us in the CEO talks.

Tom Logan, CEO of Mirion Technologies

Josh, thank you. It’s my pleasure.

Josh Kincaid, in search of the alpha

Appreciated. Thus, Mirion, you are a global supplier of radiation detection, measurement, analysis and monitoring products and services for the nuclear defense and medical end-markets. Tom, how do you explain your business model to investors?

Tom Logan, CEO of Mirion Technologies

So I want to explain it this way, Josh, that first of all, the cornerstone of our strategy is the domain knowledge we have in and around ionizing radiation, which I’ll come back to in a minute. But yes, we do sell mandatory products and services, let’s just say solutions, in highly regulated markets where the cost of failure is high, and generally the buyer’s share of the wallet is low. And so, therefore, this dynamic tends to feature people who have been around for a long time and who have acquired a strong leadership position, and given that today, on a global scale, we are the leader in 14 of our 17 product categories, most often, which tend to favor us. This leads to a business that is fundamentally very predictable, very visible with a very high recurring revenue component. And this is really the short elevator speech of our way of thinking about the business model.

Josh Kincaid, in search of the alpha

Law. You have customers who rely on solutions to protect people and environmental assets from nuclear and radiological risks. How would that work in a specific situation? I’m in Hanford, Washington, say Seattle, maybe people know Fukushima better. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you can somehow explain how your products are used in a specific situation?

Tom Logan, CEO of Mirion Technologies

Thus, they would then be used in multiple dimensions. So, you know, let me start with commercial nuclear power, and I’ll start with Fukushima, and just kind of an ecosystem in and around that, and I think we can extrapolate to Hanford and potentially to other sites, but in the case of Fukushima, first for a reactor in operation, we provide instrumentation that measures the quality and efficiency of the nuclear reaction. So we literally have instruments that are inside the reactor core, next to the core, which are networked into the control and instrumentation systems of the power plant as a whole. Beyond that, we have an array of networked systems. Usually represented by discrete sensor arrays, numbering 200 to 300 or more, that measure gases, liquids and particles in a power plant for various issues of operational quality and safety. And then beyond that, when you look at the plant’s balance, we make a set of systems and instruments that monitor the quality of the environment, both inside the plant as well as outside of human supervision.

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