Health coalition calls on government to support IPR waiver for COVID vaccines


A COALITION on health rights urged the Philippine government on Sunday to support international calls to waive intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines.

“Government statements have highlighted the lack of vaccine supply, but fail to recognize the issue of international inequity – an issue to which the TRIPs waiver (Trade Aspects of Property Rights intellectual) dares to respond by offering more manufacturing and production opportunities. vaccines outside for-profit pharmaceutical monopolies, ”the Coalition for the Right of Individuals to Health (CPRH) said in a statement.

Mr Duterte has criticized rich countries for hoarding coronavirus vaccines while poor countries struggle to secure vaccines for their populations.

“Rich countries are hoarding life-saving vaccines while poor countries are waiting for nets,” he said in a recorded speech to the 193-member United Nations General Assembly last month.

The hard-talking leader also accused the European Union of blocking vaccine supplies from other countries, citing the economic bloc’s export rule that requires drugmakers to obtain clearance before shipping vaccines outside. of the region.

The CPRH said authorities in the Philippines had not pressured the World Trade Organization to waive patents for 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccines, drugs and technologies that will allow to prevent, treat and contain the pandemic.

Instead of dealing transparently with the inequitable distribution of vaccines, “no coherent position on the proposal at the WTO has been put forward,” he said. – Kyle Aristophere T. Atienza

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