IIPA JKRB Hosts 9th Shri Ram Sahai Memorial Lecture

Jammu, June 26: “We are on borrowed time and it is time for all of us to pull ourselves together and change our attitude towards education, skills, industrial growth and employment,” said Prof (Dr) Neharika Vohra, Vice Chancellor Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University, New Delhi during the presentation of the 9th Shri Ram Sahai Memorial Lecture on “Bridging the Skills Gap through Industry-Academia Partnership” organized by the Indian Institute of Public Administration, Branch regional of JK.

While raising concerns about the quality of human capital, the skills gap and unemployable graduates, Professor Vohra made a strong case that academia and industry can no longer be complacent, and should pool their efforts and present to address the issue of talent depth in the country. According to her, the education sector should rethink and design an effective curriculum through intensive collaboration with industry to define the skills required at a detailed level. In addition, there is a need to develop indicators to measure basic employability skill levels, to create, adapt and develop new assessment methods that reflect learners’ basic vocational skills and competences. .

Further emphasizing the role of industry in bridging the skills gap, she said industry should be willing to come into the classroom, engage with students, provide internship opportunities, co-create a program that concerns them. According to her, industry should pay a premium for skills and therefore appropriate incentives for training and learning should be visible. The industry needs to move away from lazy categorizations of talent and recognize skilled labor.

Dr. Ashok Bhan, IPS (Retd), Patron of IIPA-JKRB while remembering the contributions of the late Sh. Ram Sahai said he was a charismatic and seasoned entrepreneur who was well ahead of his time and contributed to matters of social interest. He said unemployment among educated people is a matter of grave concern and suggested that appropriate interventions be made by universities and industry to address this problem which affects the country’s youth.

BR Sharma, IAS (Retd), President of IIPA-JKRB in his presidential remarks while paying tribute to Sh. Sahai, said the vision of India becoming a $5 trillion economy is only possible ‘with the synergistic and systematic effort of policy makers, educational institutions and industry. He said that our country’s skills landscape is immense and that through intelligence forecasting and modeling, the vision can be realized.

KB Jandial, IAS (Retd.), Director (Seminars), IIPA JKRB paid a glowing tribute to Late Sh. Ram Sahaï. He said that as a founding member of the branch, Sh. Sahai has made immense contributions in bringing forward trade and commerce issues and this commemorative conference is held every year to carry forward his legacy in deliberating on matters relevant to the industry.

Rahul Sahai, in his closing remarks, said that in an ever-changing world, instilling constant experiential learning is key to developing the human capital of the future. He assured that as a member of an industry association, he will forge fruitful relationships with academia and provide students with meaningful opportunities that will benefit local industry and society as a whole. He thanked the IIPA for organizing this commemorative conference each year in memory of his father.

Earlier, Prof. Alka Sharma, Secretary of IIPA JKRB delivered the official welcome speech and the proceedings were led by Dr. Anil Gupta, Co-Secretary.

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