Imageworx defines the value of prepress technologies


High quality, repeatable and affordable graphics are no longer a specialty but a requirement for most flexographic printers. Sooner or later all flexo printers learn that there is no quality end product without expert graphics and high quality plates. When this awareness occurs, it is about the niche service that Imageworx competently fills. In turn, what Imageworx has learned is that in order to win a customer’s business it is necessary to produce a plate of proven best quality combined with the corresponding technical and customer service required.

From humble beginnings Imageworx has constantly improved its capabilities, assembling cutting-edge equipment and technologies, as well as key personnel to meet the demands of the most demanding customers and their projects, with visible results.

“Flexographic printing is a controlled process as long as the entire process is maintained, understood and managed correctly by everyone involved,” said Jeff Toepfer, President of Imageworx. “A lot of our customers produce a percentage of their plates in-house, so it’s critical for our business to continually deliver prepress solutions that far exceed current expectations. Imageworx service rarely ends when the plates are shipped. We want to fully understand the challenges our clients face and actively help with their solutions. It is essential to offer print customers assistance and education on prepress functionality, but also to readily accept feedback from press operators and supervisors to help them achieve their goals. “

Based in Levittown, Pa., Imageworx owns and operates a modern 31,500 square foot facility shared with several industry partners, primarily MPS, a manufacturer of premium flexographic and hybrid printing presses, and Cyngient, a manufacturer. inks, coatings and adhesives. With more than a dozen industrial partners, the companies have formed a research and development center for the advancement of the flexographic printing process.

Imageworx developed Sero HDM (Smooth-Zero, High Definition Modular), first presented at Labelexpo Americas in 2018. This is a screening method that was created with the aim of expanding the color gamut printed for flexo printers by providing a smoother distribution of highlights. points. Using a carefully designed minimal dot structure, Sero is able to balance highlight tints in a way that allows gradients to fade completely without a visible edge. The combination of high-resolution imaging, Kodak Flexcel NX and MacDermid ITP-60 plates, and finely tuned microscopic dot structures now provide flexo printers with a viable and cost-effective solution to overcome the most difficult process and screen tint issues. more difficult.

“After careful evaluation of all commercially available screening options, our conclusion was that the flexographic process still had room to improve the way highlight details and gradations in general are handled,” explains Toepfer. “Our goal since Sero’s inception was to create a screening option that allows flexo printers to achieve the lowest possible dot percentage measurements in their highlight areas while operating at high line screens and High press speeds with no dot or edge visible when highlight dots go to 0%.

To further improve the print quality of Sero HDM screening, we’ve developed a set of 13 dot compensation curves that produce the smoothest, 0-100% vignettes the industry has to offer. Combining our custom curves with multiple Sero dot renderings gives our narrow and wide web customers dozens of well-suited screening options to optimize the printing process, no matter what equipment they own or use. the print quality requirements, with no additional cost for the screening choice. “

Additional advantages of Sero HDM are smooth transitions and clean tread plates. The extra space between dots provided by Sero does not allow the ink buildup normally associated with clustered highlight dots. What is achieved during setup is what you should expect throughout the run. According to Toepfer, Imageworx will work with you to determine the exact volume of anilox and BCM to deliver ideal results on your equipment starting with the anilox inventory currently held by the customer.

The ability to match flexo printing results to a customer supplied target proof or a pre-printed label is essential in the flexo printing community. Color accuracy standards have never been higher, and the ability to quickly match target colors on the press dramatically improves production and minimizes downtime. A well-fitting color, managed in prepress, saves printers a lot of time, money and frustration.

Imageworx offers the latest ICC proofing software, spectrophotometry tools and printers from GMG Color, XRite and Epson to ensure the highest level of color accuracy for flexo process colors. Beginning with characterizing the color space from the press, Imageworx is able to fully simulate printed color by carefully developing a replica of the color space in its GMG system to work with its Epson SureColor printers. Imageworx also offers commercially available solvent wash plates from Miraclon, MacDermid and DuPont.

“Imageworx has developed a fast and reliable method of press profiling that allows us to simulate the color of flexo processes before producing plates,” explains Toepfer. “Over the past year, we have completely upgraded our color management process, including new software, and staff to meet increasing customer expectations for color accuracy in printing.

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