Josh Allen scores 3 touchdowns, Stefon Diggs shifts in Bills first playoff win since 1995: snapshots


Orchard Park, NY – The Indianapolis Colts had a chance to win the final game of the game as Philip Rivers threw a Hail Mary to the end zone down three points.

Buffalo bills fans cringed at the memory of “Hail Murray” in November when the Arizona Cardinals won the Week 10 Finale.

This time the safety of the veterans Micah Hyde followed the ball in the air, ran towards him and hit him aggressively on the turf to shut the door to the Colts and secure the Bills’ first playoff victory since 1995. Buffalo won 27-24.

The victory was not easy.

The Colts took control of the game in the fourth quarter after the Bills appeared to withdraw in the third. Indianapolis scored two touchdowns in the final frame to make it a game, even with Josh Allen throwing for 324 yards and recording three touchdowns (two assists).

In the end, the Colts played 76 offensive games against 58 of the Bills and controlled possession time (34:17 to 25:43), but the Bills offense put points on the board.

The referees miss a big one

With the Colts leading under a minute, Philip Rivers completed a pass to wide receiver Zack Pascal. He fell to the ground and popped up before a Bills player hit him. It was then that safety Jordan Poyer snatched the ball away and Tre’Davious White recovered the stray ball. The call from the field was that the rider was on the ground and no pit review seemed imminent until Sean McDermott called for a time out and forced the referees’ hand. The call was upheld, allowing the Colts to maintain possession at a critical time.

Diggs goes to the All Pro day

Just a day after becoming the first Bill wide receiver in history to be named AP All Pro’s first team, Diggs showed why. After just one catch in the first half, he finished the game with six for 128 yards and a huge touchdown early in the fourth quarter that pushed the Bills up two points at the time. The Colts did a good job forcing the Bills to play in the short and middle areas of the field. But as the game progressed, Allen started to find Diggs, and it made life difficult for anyone who was over him in the cover.

The Colts blitz woke Allen

Last season Josh Allen said he never really felt like he was in a game until he took a hit. Well, it happened at the start of the Bills’ second practice when Al-Quadin Muhammad came flying from the right edge and landed with a shot from the blind side as Allen was able to get rid of the ball. On the next play, Allen ran for 12 yards. He then had five full passes, ending practice with a 3-yard pass that looked like a shot put to tight end Dawson Knox.

Tackle a major issue throughout the first half of the year for Bills

The Colts only managed 10 points in the first 30 minutes, but they managed to move the ball consistently. They owned the ball for nearly 20 minutes and relied on rookie running back Jonathan Taylor. The Bills had several key missed tackles as the Colts were able to make 38 offensive games compared to just 27 for the Bills.

Foals become aggressive and cannot take

After dropping the ball all the way to the Bills’ goal line, Indianapolis found itself in a fourth and a fourth goal after a huge tackle for a Taron Johnson loss on a field game. Frank Reich made up a passing game with his Colts up to 10-7 and a chance to climb by two points. Philip Rivers narrowly missed Michael Pittman’s outstretched hands after passing Jordan Poyer on the cover. Reich said on entering the game that one of the keys will convert to the red zone. Both times, the Bills entered the red zone in the first half, they came away with touchdowns.

Gabriel Davis helps flip the script

The Bills walked away from a questionably conservative calling game early in their final first-half record. On the previous record, the Bills played him three straight games en route to a 3-and-out. With less than two left in the half, Brian Daboll sent four wide receivers onto the field for the first time in weeks, maybe months. This is where the Gabriel Davis show began. He made two unreal toe grabs to help the Bills move the ball across the field to score their second touchdown on a short run from Josh Allen.

The first was incredible poise as Allen ran to his right behind the line of scrimmage, trying to buy time for his receivers. He locked Davis down and threw him away as he made his way to the straight sideline. He sort of managed to put both feet in the bounds for a 37-yard gain. Two plays later, he made a spectacular toe drag catch along the opposite sideline to give the ball to the Bills in Colts territory. The two pieces were so close they had to be reviewed and both were confirmed. Davis was selected 94 pick after the Colts took on Michael Pittman in the 2020 Draft. Pittman had a good game himself, but Davis continues to be an absolute steal for the Bills.

Invoices take control in the third quarter

The Colts’ game plan was obviously to clear the clock while relying on their running game. Taylor got the ball a bunch, but the Bills kept it under 4 yards per carry just a week after he doubled that against the Jaguars in a career day (253 yards). The Bills opened the scoring in the third with a basket, then the Colts began a 14-game practice that ended in a missed basket. With a dodged ball, the Bills’ offense responded by starting a nine-game, 77-yard practice that started in the third and ended in the fourth quarter with an all-time Allen to Stefon Diggs.

Last fight for the Colts

With the Bills in control, the Colts responded in the fourth with two straight touchdowns. The Bills had no response for Nyheim Hines or Taylor in the fourth quarter, as they both contributed two touchdowns from 75 and 76 yards, respectively. Reich decided to go for two after the first touchdown and it failed, but he recovered the point with a converted two-point conversion on the next TD. Coverage breakdowns and other wrestling issues affected the Bills’ defense on both of those drives.

Game summary

Goal: Bills 27, Colts 24

Total yards net invoiced: 397

Total Colts Net Yards: 472

Team passing invoices: 301 meters

Team passing Colts: 309 meters

Team rushing invoices: 96 meters away

Team Rushing Colts: 163 meters

Penalties: Bills 2 for 7 yards | Colts 2 for 10 yards

Time of possession: Bills 25:43 | Colts 34:17

The score of the box

Following: NFL playoffs, Buffalo Bills opponent and game time will be announced. CBS Playoff NFL Support here.

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