Latest from Covid: Joe Biden refuses to lock down the United States despite the omicron accounting for 70 pc of cases in the United States

UAccording to a draft proposal tabled by the German government, public events and private gatherings will be severely restricted before New Year’s Eve, writes Daniel wighton.

Writing in the draft proposal, the new German government said that “New Year’s celebrations with a large number of people are unjustifiable in the current situation.”

“In order to slow down the new wave with the Omicron variant, additional restrictions on contacts are also needed.”

Nightclubs will be forced to close, while measures for private gatherings will be tightened for vaccinated and unvaccinated revelers.

Private parties among the vaccinated will be capped at ten people, although if an unvaccinated person is present, the gathering will be limited to one household and two people from another household.

According to the proposal, the measures will be implemented “from December 28 at the latest”, although Christmas gatherings are not expected to be affected.

German health officials believe the Omicron will become the dominant variant by mid-January, while the Robert Koch Institute on Tuesday raised the warning level for the general public to “very high”.

The RKI, the German disease control agency responsible for monitoring the Covid pandemic, said based on evidence from the UK “the severity of the disease in the Omicron variant is similar to that in Delta”, dismissing hopes that the new variant may produce a smoother course of the disease.

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