Mental health and liberated femininity

We have just celebrated International Women’s Day and several conferences, symposiums and gatherings have been organized to mark this day. There is obviously an increased awareness among women in Africa to ascend their place in society and express their God-given endowment in service to humanity. They are increasingly called upon to contest political office to become presidents and legislators. Governments are asked to ensure that appointments are made on an equal footing with men. There is no doubt that our modern women are equipped to play more visible roles in our economic, political, academic and social roles than their mothers and aunts who they believe did not get fair treatment from their men.

Our modern women have witnessed and read stories of the horrific inhuman treatment that women have suffered in our African societies through reckless patriarchy. As a consequence of the predominant agrarian community which operated a basic subsistence economy; men had the upper hand through cultural prescriptions and economic advantage through their muscles rather than their brains. The postmodern era characterized by the consequence of the globalization of values ​​has changed the dynamics of culture and economy so that patriarchy is in fact becoming obsolete as a premise of male dominance and waiting to be redefined or ended. in the dustbin of human history.

Our modern women, through the acquisition of technological and professional skills coupled with their natural gifts for prudent management, are gradually but steadily getting a few steps ahead of most men in terms of their financial situation, especially during this economic recession. . The dynamics have changed and with serious consequences for our marital relationships and our mental well-being.

I am quite worried about the change in female intellectual dominance, even in our universities where in a situation of 12 declared first class awards only a weak male is exhibited. Questions must be asked about this extremely biased conclusion. The agenda of the women’s liberation campaign must be objectively questioned in the context of its mental health consequences. Some of the men have become absent, castrated fathers, parading around the neighborhood as alcoholic and sexual opportunists.

The women who execute the campaign agenda are under tremendous pressure to crush patriarchy by assuming roles incompatible with its endowments, resulting in cardiovascular disorders and varying degrees of psychiatric disorders. Children growing up in such marital circumstances invariably become cybercriminals and girls become prostitutes recruited by crushed men who want to rebuild their fractured egos by seeking sexual conquest with a minor as a transference of aggression from a failed marriage. The feminist-flavored women’s liberation campaign is grossly unbalanced, vindictively unhealthy.

Frontline world religions agree that woman is the mother of a creation that is backed by scientific evidence that has established that women possess certain psychological characteristics that make them more resilient and resourceful than the male sex. A man’s brain works mostly on one side in terms of basic logical and narrow reasoning while a woman operates on both hemispheres, allowing her to multitask with heightened awareness of vital but crucial salient issues. in decision making. This ability makes him an indisputable complement in any leadership role, especially in a synergistic marital relationship that patriarchy had shut down over centuries due to fear, selfishness, and cowardice.

Women, no doubt aware of their repressed inherent abilities, chose to react rather than synergize their enormous powers to fill the gaps created by male-dominated leadership. This has created a serious imbalance in the most basic unit of society which is the family, leaving men’s egos crushed by the consequent consequences for mental health.

The son may initially serve as a surrogate husband to this reactive woman until he chooses to marry a particular younger woman against his mother’s advice and the vicious circle of animosity and bitterness. ensues. The girl in such contexts may view men as victims to be manipulated, used and discarded. There is evidence that when the marital relationship is biased in favor of the woman; children, especially men, can end up with serious mental illness.

Girls can become combative in their marriages, creating fertile ground for mental health disasters emanating from an attitude she chose from her mother. The liberated woman is aware of the creative powers God has given her and the indispensable stabilizing endowment she deploys through a well-developed emotional intelligence to make the family and invariably society a better place. So we will say of a truly liberated woman’s hand rocking the cradle; rules the world.

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