Military leader: We must be prepared against hybrid threats

Tehran – Addressing a number of members of the armed forces during the 13th Malek-e-Ashtar festival, the Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff explained how the threats against Iran have become more advanced .

Major General Mohammad Bagheri began his remarks by referring to the recent unrest in Iran, saying, “Enemies have deceived some of the young people in the country by creating ambiguity and lying via cyberspace, and these deceived people can continue on the way to the riots, which of course is the responsibility and mission of the country’s law enforcement command with the cooperation of the IRGC and the Basij to restore complete security and peace in the country with full care and in compliance with all standards so that the country can follow its path of growth and excellence.”

He said that today cyberspace has become more visible than in the past, adding that sufficient information about cyberspace, media literacy and dealing with the evils of this space are one of the most important points. most important to pay attention to.

“Without a doubt, raising awareness in this regard can be of significant help in protecting people from the dangers of this space. I emphasize that all our commanders at different levels must be sensitive to this issue and act responsibly in this regard,” he added.

Major General Bagheri said it is only natural that with the advancement of methods and the sophistication of enemy means to undermine society, armed forces at all levels should deepen their spirituality, theology and political insight. .

Therefore, he added, it must be recognized that today, with the progress that the enemies have made in this direction, the traditional methods of the past and carrying out repeated and ineffective actions are not the answer. to this situation, and procrastination in this area may cause the country to lag behind.

According to the Chief of Defense Staff, the enemy is trying to sow the seeds of division between the different branches of the armed forces.

“Today the enemies are trying to create a division between the (different branches of) the armed forces and secondly between the people and the armed forces. This is despite the fact that in this respect brotherhood and harmony between the armed forces are improving day by day, but we must be careful and not neglect enemy attacks in this regard,” Bagheri stressed.

He further noted that the armed forces are one unit and an interconnected group and only the color of their uniforms are different.

“They all take measures to ensure security, which is the most important social capital and the basis for achieving economic growth,” the military leader remarked.

According to the Major General, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, as Commander-in-Chief, has repeatedly stressed the need to pay attention to combined threats.

“In fact, today we are faced with hybrid threats. Military, security and cultural threats emerge and sometimes unknown threats appear against us simultaneously and with a well thought out combination by the enemies. We must prepare for such a battle and confrontation. Also, the commander in chief said that the war game you play in this regard should aim to counter the combined war. This extremely heavy and complicated work falls on us and the other commanders of the armed forces,” he acknowledged.

Stressing the importance of foresight and future research into threats, Major General Bagheri noted that the armed forces’ research should be in a way that would prepare them against future threats, as the costs of not having the necessary plans is cumbersome.

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