NCAA waiver will help football teams replace transfers


Seeking to cope with the growing number of transfers, the NCAA Division I board on Tuesday approved a one-year waiver that will allow college football teams to register up to seven players to replace those leaving.

Current NCAA rules state that a team cannot sign more than 25 players for a scholarship per year. This includes high school prospects and university transfers. The waiver will allow teams to sign 25 players, plus up to seven transfers – not high school players – to replace those who were transferred in the first quarter.

Football players still cannot transfer during the season and become eligible to compete in their new schools.

With the relaxation of transfer rules leading to more players changing teams, combined with the bonus year of eligibility given to athletes who competed during the pandemic in 2020, coaches had two main concerns:

– Not being able to reconstitute a list after a possible mass exodus of transfers.

– Not being able to sign a full complement of high school prospects because an increased number of scholarships was being used for transfers.

“We believe schools should have temporary flexibility to deal with possible staff exhaustion due to transfers,” Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour, DI Council member, said in a statement. “This one-year waiver allows schools to properly use the limitations of their scholarships.”

The waiver is expected to become official after the Division I board meeting ends on Wednesday.

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