Nord Finance pursues the deployment of a strategic partnership with Orion Protocol after the successful launch of IDO


Nord Finance, a blockchain agnostic platform, is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem that simplifies decentralized financial products for users by highlighting key attributes of traditional finance. Deployed on the Ethereum network, it integrates multi-chain interoperability, thus offering a plethora of financial primitives, which constitute savings, advice, asset lending, investment / fund management and swaps.

Nord Finance is a next-generation advanced decentralized financial ecosystem to meet the growing needs of novice users and professionals to achieve their financial goals.

Nord Finance: DeFi Sustainability to contribute to unwavering mass adoption efforts

Nord Finance defends its fundamental values, which makes it an optimal choice for decentralized operations constituting DeFi investments, savings, loans, loans or swaps. In the last quarter, Nord Finance managed to demonstrate massive growth by joining forces with several DeFi innovators, thus unlocking the potential of the DeFi space. While offering flexibility, Nord Finance aims to promote the adoption of DeFi by as many people as possible by encouraging new entrants thanks to its intelligent and intuitive solutions. Its latest partnership with Orion Protocol focuses on redefining sustainability with concerted efforts to increase liquidity, accessibility and interoperability in the DeFi sphere. The partnership demonstrates how the mutual integration of two different ecosystems can optimally complement each other.

As part of this partnership, Nord Finance will access the Orion ecosystem comprising products such as Orion Liquidity Pool, Orion Lending, Orion Oracle, Orion Wallet Swap SDK and Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin. Each platform will bring immense value to the North ecosystem by providing adequate liquidity solutions and seamless integration into applications. Orion Liquidity Pool and Orion Lending will facilitate the injection of equitable liquidity provisions.

In addition, Orion Lending will make it possible to experiment with various automated investment strategies via the Nord Savings product. The partnership confirms the seamless integration of Orion Oracle with Nord Finance to reinforce the importance of reliable and accurate data in an ecosystem without trust. Nord products will effectively use Orion’s Swap SDK to allow users to access assets through third-party wallets instead of swap wallets, thereby facilitating the user experience. The integration of the Orion Liquidity Boost plugin will provide extended access to stock market liquidity. Given the dynamic DeFi environment, the Orion protocol will serve as an integrated solution for Nord Finance to take off in the DeFi landscape.

Nord Finance is revolutionizing the DeFi sphere thanks to strategic partnerships with DeFi innovators

Previously, Nord Finance extended its possibilities beyond metrics by forging valuable collaborations with DeFi titans such as Frontier, Unilend and Zokyo, which went a long way in breaking down the barriers of openness to bridge the gap between dynamic traditional finance and decentralized finance. Nord finance believes that strategic obligations are those that fuel decentralization, thus accelerating a financial paradigm amid the concerns of centralized finance.

With the launch of the North Token, we are focusing more on improving the usefulness of our product to generate high levels of engagement, thereby providing users with a store of value based on standards of trust and integrity.

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