QI Tech Raises $ 50 Million in Series A Led by GIC


QI Tech will invest in the construction of new products, with a particular focus on improving the consumer’s credit journey (origination and collection) and on the development of its data science team. To speed up the launch of some capabilities, the company also plans to quadruple the team, which currently has 48 people. Inorganic growth through strategic mergers and acquisitions is also part of the company’s agenda.

To date, QI Tech has a loyal user base of over 100 clients, ranging from fintechs to fund managers, banks and traditional businesses, to names like Geru, iFood and Vivo Silver. Since it began operating in mid-2019, QI Tech has processed more than $ 1 billion in credit operations: $ 40 million in its first year of activity, $ 200 million in second year and above $ 800 million in 2021 until now.

“We are the first financial institution to create an exclusive Lending-as-a-Service model in Brazil and we aim to continue to innovate in this market. We have introduced a fully automated model that operates 24/7 and can handle high frequency operations (multiple operations in a short window of time), allowing our customers to deliver a unique experience. to their customers. GIC’s financing comes at a turning point in our trajectory, as we seek to take another step forward to improve the end-to-end lending experience and enable any business to offer fully digital banking services through our technology. owner ”, declares Pedro Mac Dowell, CEO of QI Tech.

QI Tech was born with the aim of responding to a still unsatisfied demand: to offer the services of a traditional bank, but “as a service”; that is, to provide the necessary financial infrastructure as a service to companies, fintechs and other small financial institutions so that they can themselves innovate by offering credit solutions to the end consumer, from origination to collection.

“We offer all loan-as-a-service verticals, such as student finance, direct consumer credit, BNPL Buy now, Pay Later, auto loans, home equity, working capital lines and secured credit transactions. Thus, any fintech, traditional company or a bank can use the APIs of QI Tech to offer these vertical markets to their end customers ”, explains Marcelo Bentivoglio, partner at QI Tech.

According to Bentivoglio, QI Tech has a smart platform integrated with the regulatory knowledge of a traditional bank, thereby eliminating a middleman in the process and bringing more speed to the financial market. By doing this, QI Tech customers can focus their efforts on their business without bureaucratic worries.

“Any business can offer financial products to its customers. Whether it’s a fintech, retailer or service company, QI Tech has the infrastructure to provide them with an end-to-end experience. We offer more than 60 services via APIs, such as bank accounts, issuance and settlement of bank slips, payments including the new PIX instant money transfer which uses a dynamic QR code in the e-commerce checkout. ” complements Marcelo Buosi, co-founder of QI Tech.

Without the need for a traditional bank, QI Tech customers can directly provide financial services to millions of people. In addition to promoting financial inclusion, the increased supply of loans also increases competition, which in turn generates better deals for the Brazilian population.

“The biggest Brazilian banks are losing credit market share to other companies such as retailers, service applications and national operators. QI Tech is the infrastructure that enables this change, in the asset-light model , it can be compared to the banks’ Uber, since it is already the largest issuer of credit in Latin America without carrying the loans on its balance sheet. The arrival of the GIC reinforces our commitment to always be at the forefront of financial services, in addition to maintaining our independence. »Added the CEO of the companies.

Vinci Partners and Quata Confidence were QI Tech’s financial advisers for this funding round.

About QI Tech:

QI Tech is the first direct credit company (SCD) approved by the Central Bank of Brazil. We are a technology company with a banking license, which allows us to operate as a financial institution and enables our partners to offer 100% digital banking services. We combine a smart platform with all regulatory needs so that our customers can offer payment and credit services securely and with the best customer experience that matches their business model.

QI Tech, as an independent and conflict-free fintech, does not offer credit directly to end borrowers, since its core business is precisely to offer the infrastructure (technology, operational capacity, back office, legal authorization, etc.) for its clients, so they can provide financial products without needing to hold a banking license.

For more information, visit https://qitech.com.br/

About GIC:

GIC is a leading global investment firm established in 1981 to guarantee that of Singapore financial future. As manager of that of Singapore foreign exchange reserves, we take a disciplined, long-term approach to investing, and are uniquely positioned across a wide range of asset classes and active strategies globally. These include stocks, fixed income, real estate, private equity, venture capital and infrastructure. Our long-term approach, multi-asset capabilities and global connectivity allow us to be an investor of choice. We seek to add significant value to our investments. Based at Singapore, we have a global talent force of over 1,800 people in 10 key financial cities and have investments in over 40 countries.

For more information, please visit gic.com.sg or follow us on LinkedIn.


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