Rajya Sabha’s case adjourned until noon amid opposition uproar

The Rajya Sabha debates were adjourned until noon on Wednesday as opposition parties launched slogans on various issues while Speaker Mr. Venkaiah Naidu made a remark on the conduct of some members of the House the day before.

As the House convened for the day, Naidu expressed his deep anguish over some opposition MPs climbing the House table on Tuesday, claiming he could not sleep due to the sacrilege of the Temple of Democracy. .

Referring to the events of Tuesday, Naidu said that Parliament, the country’s highest legislative body, is considered the “temple of democracy”.

The table area where the House officers and rapporteurs, the secretary general and the presiding officer sit is considered the holy shrine of the House, he said.

A certain degree of sanctity is attached to this place, said Naidu, and added in temples, worshipers are only allowed up to this sanctum sanctorum and not beyond.

Entering this House Sanctum Sanctorum is in itself an act of sacrilege and it has become a routine over the years, he said.

“I am distressed by how this sacredness was destroyed yesterday. While some members sat at the Table, others ascended to the Chamber Table, perhaps to be more visible with acts of sacrilege. I have no words to express my anguish and to condemn such acts, ”the president said.

Naidu added that he “had a sleepless night last night”.

While he was making these remarks, several MPs from opposition parties gathered in the well of the House and began to slogans on various issues.

The President adjourned the proceedings until noon.

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