Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter a “Marxist organization”


Rudy Giuliani stopped to speak to reporters in the aisle of the White House on Wednesday, and his improvised presser featured the former New York mayor:

  • Call the Black Lives Matter movement a Marxist organization.

  • Criticizing the New York Times for publishing the article about alleged Russian bounties on American soldiers.

  • Questioning of Joe Biden’s cognitive ability to serve as president.

  • Label Democratic mayors as “a danger to their people”.

The president’s personal advocate opened by supporting Trump’s tweet earlier today, which called the Times report that Russia was secretly offering bonuses to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans – and that intelligence officials attempted to inform Trump of it – a “hoax” and “fake news.”

Giuliani described the anonymous source who leaked the story to The Times as “some kind of deep state criminal” who “should go to jail for 20 or 30 years.” And he called The Times “bogus” for telling the story while the intelligence behind it remains in dispute.

“Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization run by three avowed Marxists. ”

“Yes [the Times] cared about our country, they wouldn’t use it, ”he said, saying the leak of history blew up any chance to get to the bottom of what happened. “You blew up the investigation, you blew up the sources and the methods, and you may have put the lives of people in danger,” he continued. “[The Times] didn’t care as long as they could hurt Trump with another bogus story.

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And that led Giuliani to pounce on alleged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden, remember, isn’t all there. It doesn’t work with a full deck. If you can’t see it, there is something wrong with you.

“Anyone acting on this information, like Joe Biden would do, would be acting irresponsibly,” Giuliani said, before calling Biden “a man with dementia” who “shouldn’t be president,” which was a big deal. favorite line of attack for Trump. campaign against Biden. (It should be noted that while Biden is 77, Trump is 74, and Giuliani is 76.)

“But Joe Biden, remember, isn’t all there. It doesn’t work with a full deck. If you don’t see it, there is something wrong with you, ”Giuliani continued, before mocking Biden’s performance at a press conference on Tuesday. “He took long pauses to answer questions, and he had a teleprompter,” Giuliani said.

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But when asked if New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had announced that a Black Lives Matter mural would be painted on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Giuliani – who served as mayor of Big Apple for eight years – really exploded.

“Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization run by three avowed Marxists. Go check it out, ”Giuliani said. He was probably referring to a new video from 2015 it shows Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors referring to herself and her fellow organizers as “trained Marxists”.

“We are Marxists by training. We are very familiar with ideological theories somehow, ”she said in an interview with The Real News Network. “And I think what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be used by a lot, a lot of black people.”

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Black Lives Matter was not immediately available for comment.

Giuliani further described the BLM as a group that “had been planning to destroy the police for three years”, and said they had “finally got some stupid Democratic mayors to agree with them”.

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He went on to assert that “anarchy” is rampant in the cities ruled by the Democrats, without naming any. He tweeted against de Blasio and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, however, both of whom are Democrats.

“Democratic mayors are a disaster,” he concluded. “They are a danger to their people. ”

You can catch the whole presser on C-SPAN here.

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