Should you add it to the waivers and start it at week 9?


With Aaron Rodgers testing positive for COVID, Jordan Love is the Packers’ new starting quarterback – at least for Week 9 (and possibly Week 10). Is love worth adding exemptions for fantasy football rosters, and what is his realistic production lineup for the first start of his NFL career?

Should you have Jordan Love on the waiver thread?

This is a fascinating question, because it boils down to four main factors.

First of all, do you have a fairly reliable top-10 QB over the next two weeks? Green Bay has a good game this weekend against the Chiefs’ often anemic defense. Next week they have a home incline against an equally beatable Seahawks defense – that is, if Rodgers isn’t able to be cleared during that relatively brief window. So if you need QB, this is a promising situation.

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That said, we don’t know if any other Packers will test positive in the next few days. As a result, while Love’s QB1 potential is clear, there are also some obvious risks that a more reliable top 10 QB might not have.

Second, do your opponents for the next two weeks have reliable enough QBs in the top 10? Otherwise, and if you have room on the bench, it makes sense to keep them from landing someone who, on a fine day, might be able to post more than 18 fantasy points. Last week we saw three QB substitutes – Mike White, Trevor Siemian and Cooper Rush – helping their teams to unlikely wins. Two of them posted QB1 numbers.

Any QB sharing the pitch with Davante Adams and Aaron Jones is a threat to do damage

Third, who would you have to drop to add love? If it’s an RB handcuff with a huge upside if the starter fails, that’s too rich for me. But if it’s a WR4, it makes sense to ride with Love as a fallback option. Suppose you start Matthew Stafford on Sunday night, but he is suddenly declared doubtful on Saturday with an unexpected injury – that WR4 won’t help you as much as Love could.

Fourth, do you play in a dynasty league or a 2QB league? For Dynasty, Week 9 could be the first of many starts for Love in a Packers uniform. While the offense could be very different next season, Love is a welcome addition if he is available. And for 2QB, Love could be the only starting QB in Week 9 sitting on waivers, making him a must-have.

Is love a fantastic option in Week 9 against the Chiefs?

Much has been said about the Packers’ decision to draft Love in the first round in 2020. Now is his time. Assuming Adams and Jones and the supporting cast are healthy and active, he’ll have plenty of work to do on Sunday. The team are coming off an extraordinarily impressive victory over the previously undefeated Cardinals.

But they could employ a similar approach against Kansas City that they used against Arizona. Both opponents can score in buckets, although the Chiefs have clearly struggled in their last two games (23 points overall).

Don’t be surprised if we see a repeat of Week 8 when Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon combined for 38 touches as Green Bay had the ball 15 minutes longer than Arizona.

This focus on shifting the chains from the big plays might be the Packers’ best chance of winning. It could lower Love’s ceiling as well. That’s why it’s worth a dart throw if you don’t have a top-10 QB.

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