State Hosts Hearing on CWM Application | News

The proposal to expand CWM’s hazardous waste landfill in Porter was the subject of a WebEx hearing before the state’s settlement committee on Monday.

CWM’s Residual Management Unit 1 (RMU1) closed in 2015. The proposed RMU2 application has been ongoing since 2003.

Department of Environmental Conservation Administrative Law Judge Daniel O’Connell presided over the hearing, which focused solely on economic issues and discussion of pre-recorded testimony from witnesses called by the parties. stakeholders arguing against the expansion.

Testimony of Nicolas Rockler, Ph.D. was called into question with the admissibility of several elements argued by CWM attorney Jeffrey Kuhn before cross-examination even began.

The vast majority of Kuhn’s objections to Rockler’s testimony were overruled by O’Connell, who ceded to arguments by Amy Witryol, a party to the proceedings as a citizen activist.

Kuhn questioned Rockler’s Niagara County unemployment statistics and noted that the county’s unemployment rate since the closure of RMU1 was the second highest in New York State for counties outside of New York. .

Kuhn also questioned Rockler’s statistics showing increased economic activity in Lewiston and Porter since RMU1 closed.

The hearing began at 10 a.m. and continued through the afternoon with Kuhn cross-examining Rockler.

The economic impact hearing will continue at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The WebEx link for people wanting to watch the proceedings is Click on the blue link where it says CWM and continue. A WebEx download may be required. Entrants must enter a username, which will be visible to panelists, but they can enter any name they choose, eg Euell Gibbons or Pete Seeger.

The discussion of economic impacts will not include the impact of radioactive soil on the remaining CWM property of Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (LOOW). Approximately 710 acres of the 7,500 acre LOOW site is on CWM property. The remediation of LOOW was announced earlier this month by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Additional hearings on the landfill expansion will be scheduled, including one on the environmental impact. The process is expected to be completed in 2023.

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