Streamers, risers and fallers – which will pay you the most this week? – Athleticism

After trying to manage a roster with four teams completely out of action, the managers are in luck! Each team will be in action at least once in next week‘s game. Thirty of these teams will play more than once. So with more additions, you’ll get more for your money.

Which team will earn you the most?

Five game streamers

The Edmonton Oilers are the only team with five games on the schedule. Let’s start with some answers to some questions we received.

Should we drop Mike Smith?

Watching Smith play in goal is a trick. You’re playing with fire having it on your roster, in all honesty. But here’s the upside, for now: the Oilers schedule. He won’t start all five, but he’ll give you a few matches this week. Is it encouraging after the Oilers’ 4-1 loss to Chicago on Wednesday? Not at all. But maybe the vibes of a new trainer will shake things up a bit. It’s probably too soon, but maybe there will be some defensive tweaks, seeing as assistant coach Jim Playfair was fired along with bench boss Dave Tippett.

With a healthy Tyson Barrie, does Evan Bouchard’s fantasy value go down?

Honestly, no matter what, with the Oilers playing five times this week, I wouldn’t recommend dropping him.

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