Tkachuk accuses Lemieux of biting, Murray gives up

We would say “the apple does not fall far from the tree”, but then there would be a risk that someone would be hungry.

While the Canucks and especially canadians really dominate when it comes to bad Canadian NHL teams creating drama, it was a bad Saturday for the Senators as well. Maybe it was actually the “perfect” night for Brendan Lemieux to (allegedly?) Bite Brady Tkachuk, then?

After the match, Tkachuk landed on Lemieux, via Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun:

“This is the only time I’m going to answer that,” Brady Tkachuk said. “It was the most insane thing anyone could do. This guy, you can ask any of his teammates, nobody ever wants to play with him. This guy is a bad guy and a bad teammate; he focuses on himself all the time.

Really, the full rant is worth watching:

Senators Saturday: Murray gave up, Lemieux’s alleged bite on Tkachuk

Brendan Lemieux – as it turns out, unsurprisingly, the son of Claude Lemieux – was kicked out for allegedly biting Brady Tkachuk. You can watch several reruns of the bizarre spectacle in the video above this title.

If you want / can’t wait to defend Lemieux, maybe you can say that Tkachuk shouldn’t have “washed his face”. Or whatever. Look, this is a weird thing.

The Kings ended up beating the Senators 4-2, ending a day where Ottawa also put goaltender Matt Murray on waivers.

There might be a chance someone will try another chance against a goalie whose best moments have been pretty impressive. Matt Murray played a key role in the Penguins’ repeated Stanley Cup victories, but it happened a long time ago, at least during the hockey years.

A lot of people were baffled that the Senators took such a bet on Murray, and this (perhaps desperate?) Offer clearly didn’t work. Another team is unlikely to bail out the Senators from Murray’s contract, at least not on waivers.

If the Canucks and Canadiens didn’t implode so spectacularly, you’d expect Pierre Dorion to be feeling more heat right now. A Senators team hoping to take at least a few steps out of rebuild mode is instead 4-14-1 after a 4-2 loss to the Kings.

A hungry story of very strange violence

In case you were wondering, there is precedent for an NHL bite suspension, if Lemieux is guilty of biting Tkachuk as it is believed. (Side note: should it be tkchomping?)

In 2003, Marc Savard received a one-match suspension for biting Darcy Tucker’s glove. In addition, the Senators used a bite before gleaning a bit-ee. In 2009, Jarkko Ruutu received a two-game suspension for biting Andrew Peters.

Naturally, there have also been several incidents where Brad Marchand has licked opponents, but these days he mostly dodges gloves.

Will NHL suspend Brendan Lemieux for apparently biting Brady Tkachuk? We’ll see.

Either way, this is a momentous moment of a weekend that the Senators would like to forget.

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