TRICARE Authorizes Temporary Prescription Renewal Exemptions in All Florida Counties


FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WTXL) – The Defense Health Agency announced Friday that TRICARE beneficiaries in Florida could receive emergency prescription renewals until July 9 due to Hurricane Elsa.

DHA says all counties in Florida are affected as part of this announcement.

To receive an emergency prescription refill, TRICARE beneficiaries should bring their prescription vial to any pharmacy in the TRICARE retail network. If the vial is not available or the label is damaged or missing, recipients should contact Express Scripts or their retail network pharmacy for assistance.

To find a network pharmacy, beneficiaries can call Express Scripts at 1-877-363-1303.

They can also search the network pharmacy locator by clicking here.

If possible, go to the pharmacy where the prescription was filled. Prescriptions filled by one retail chain can be filled at another store in that chain. If the provider is available, beneficiaries can request a new prescription from any pharmacy in the network.

As a reminder, TRICARE beneficiaries, other than active duty service members, can receive emergency care from any center or emergency care provider approved by TRICARE and do not need a reference. This allows beneficiaries to seek elective care for illness or injury if their primary care provider is unavailable due to emergencies.

Recipients are encouraged to click here for updates.

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