Viewers unhappy with blocking foreign TV channels


“The local media industry will benefit if the ads are not shown on foreign channels.”


As the country’s cable operators stopped broadcasting foreign TV channels yesterday, viewers expressed their anger that they could not watch their favorite shows.

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According to a government decision, programs with advertisements on foreign channels cannot be broadcast in Bangladesh.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said on Thursday that mobile courts would be organized to implement ad-free (clean) broadcasting of foreign TV channels from October 1.

In contrast, the Cable Operators Association of Bangladesh (COAB) claims that it is not possible to broadcast foreign channels by cutting the ads. So they stopped broadcasting.

It left viewers angry.

“I spend my weekend watching sports and international news… I currently can’t find any entertaining programs on the channels,” said Taposh Barua, an official at a private company.

“I am a huge football fan and like me there are thousands of people who love the game. We will miss the sport,” he said.

There are a good number of fans of foreign soap operas in the country. They also expressed their fury at the decision.

Section 19 of the Cable Television Network Operation Act 2006 imposed embargoes on operators delivering advertisements to local viewers through foreign channels.

Although COAB stopped broadcasting, Akash subscribers were able to watch foreign channels. Akash is a direct home delivery service introduced by Beximco.

When contacted, Zahidul Karim, Head of Public Relations, BEXIMCO Holdings Limited said: “BEXIMCO Group and its subsidiaries comply with all government rules and regulations, so Akash DTH has already taken steps to block all foreign channels one by one. that do not follow government guidelines. “

“Akash authorities assure all responsible media that by tonight all non-compliant channels will be blocked and will remain blocked until further government directives arrive,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Association of Television Owners Association (ATCO) and the Broadcast Journalist Center (BJC) have welcomed the government’s decision to ban programs containing advertisements on foreign channels.

Speaking on a show about the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Channel I, the Minister of Information said that several thousand crore taka are being invested in foreign channels since the operators do not implement a clean feed.

“The local media industry will benefit if the advertisements are not shown on foreign channels. The country’s economy will be boosted,” said Hasan Mahmud.

The minister also said that the country’s economy, media industry, artists and culture have been harmed by the lack of clean food. That is why the decision was made, a statement read.

SM Anwar Parvez, founding president of COAB, said that foreign channels that broadcast programs with advertisements cannot be broadcast in the country according to government guidelines and have therefore stopped broadcasting them.

He said that if the government gives further instructions or takes action in the future, it will act accordingly.

In its statement, BJC said that although there is an embargo mentioned in the law, no action has been taken to implement it.

“The government’s decision will ease the financial crisis of local television channels. Along with the owners, media workers will also benefit,” we read.

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