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While a woman’s visible features such as large or small breasts, heavy or flat buttocks, in short, a curvy female physique could be used to identify her, the presence of Dr Emily Oghale God, a children’s theater and academic staff from the Department of Theater Arts at the University of Port Harcourt said that being a woman is more than that. Beyond these physical attributes, the university teacher, through her fetish project “Being A Woman Workshop”, believes that the real woman is known to be powerful and assertive, but kind at the same time. She is compassionate and vulnerable to her loved ones without feeling weak for doing so. For her, being a woman means aiming for goals even in the face of obvious adversity along the way.
Six years ago, “Being A Woman Workshop”, one of the programs of the Emily God’spresence project, was born. Designed to be presented annually, its first edition / inauguration insisted so much on some obvious complexities of femininity that it labeled as ‘limits’ that women must determine within themselves to overcome them and become what they want. to be.
The call to cross borders was the theme of the workshop that year. “Beyond Borders” arose from the understanding that the plight of African women in general and Nigerian women in particular is marked by several limitations, hence the need to understand that limitations, hereinafter referred to as borders, however however high or cumbersome they may seem, whether cultural, social, political, religious, psychological or matrimonial, are simply man-made and therefore not insurmountable.
The workshop moderator, Dr Emily Oghale God in attendance, used the platform to seek the indulgence of all women to go with determination and courage beyond perceived limits to achieve their goals and stand standing inside and outside of their domestic confined spaces, showcasing not only their outward beauty, but the beauty of their brains, minds and talents.
Indeed, in a world where women are held by so many restrictions, where married women find it difficult to progress academically, where the life of the girl is in danger simply because she wishes to acquire an education to improve his fate thus to be on par with his male counterparts in politics, leadership, business and in improving his domestic status, as well as contributing to national development and proposing a solution to global crises, Dr Emily argues that women must be determined to help other women succeed, embrace warmly those who are suffering and build the confidence of the youngest and be mentors for our leaders of tomorrow.
The second and third editions of the “Being a woman” workshop presented “Women at the limit: who is at risk? and the spear and the spindle: should women fight? as themes respectively.
This year, due to the many challenges our nation has been facing lately, especially the whole covid-19 crisis: lockdowns, economic downturn, looting of palliatives increase in human trafficking cases sale babies, rape and gender-based violence, kidnappings / kidnappings, etc., the workshop organizer. The presence of Dr Emily Oghale God, thought it wise to reexamine the place of gender in the family and its impact on us as male and female individuals in our daily affairs.
With the theme of this year’s workshop titled: “Gender, Family and Responsible Society”, Dr Emily God’s presence seeks ways to achieve gender balance in society in order to reduce the rate of gender based violence. on gender and many other unpleasant situations that upset the peaceful cohesion of men and women in our society today.
Trying to establish a relationship between gender, family and responsible society, a resource person, the president of the Uniport Women Association (UPWA) and wife of the vice-chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, Dr Udeme Georgewill, said that if the concept of gender is achieved at the family level, society will be better off. For Reverend Samson Nitonye, ​​each member of the family has had a role assigned from inception and must shoulder their responsibilities if society is to go well.
It should be noted that the annual observation of this workshop in no way serves to impact our women in a spirit of resilience and determination for global competitiveness, as it will also help women resist all forms of boundaries that militate against their goals as well as at the height of their responsibility in life.

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