Who is the best waiver wire addition?

Which RB Titans will help you the most in fantasy football in week 11 and the rest of this season: Adrian Peterson or D’Onta Foreman? NFP fantasy analysts Jason Katz and BJ Rudell couldn’t disagree more. Now they are going to tell you why and why this is important to your fantasy team.

Why Adrian Peterson is the Titans’ best fantasy RB

Argument for Adrian Peterson provided by Jason Katz, PFN Fantasy analyst.

Ahead of last week’s game, there were pre-game reports that Foreman would see increased work. It looks like the backlash from the fantasy community suffers from a bit of confirmation bias. Foreman carried the ball 11 times over 30 yards. What exactly excites us here? Peterson had 8 carries for 21 yards. Both were equally ineffective.

Foreman played 21 snaps against 20 for Peterson. The Titans made no deliberate effort to push Foreman. It’s a three-way backfield with Jeremy McNichols. The only differentiator between these three full-backs would be that Peterson is the light guy on the goal line.

My guess as to why Foreman is pushed like a pickup is due to his receiving job. Foreman caught 2 balls for 48 yards. Fantasy managers would certainly not deny these statistics. But are they reproducible? Peterson actually rode 3 more roads than Foreman. There hasn’t been an increase in Foreman’s passing game work. He has just interrupted a beautiful run after having caught up with one of his targets.

Going forward, I’m not particularly excited about the returning Titans. However, if I had to pick one, I would go with old Peterson. He’s been completely washed up for half a decade now, but clearly Tennessee disagrees. With no one in that particularly efficient backfield, we’re just chasing touchdowns. If anyone has to fall in the end zone, it’s Peterson.

Why D’Onta Foreman is the Titans’ best fantasy RB

Argument for D’Onta Foreman provided by PFN Fantasy director BJ Rudell.

The fantastic outlook from AP and Foreman has been a source of stimulating debate here at PFN, as I’m sure it has been in your home, office, or place of worship. I have a lot of respect for Katz, but he’s completely wrong when it comes to the Tennessee backfield.

As I’ve written since Derrick Henry was sidelined, Foreman is the only RB in the Tennessee backfield with bell-cow chops. Peterson has averaged just under 3 yards per carry in his last 16 NFL games (153 rushes for 512 yards). McNichols is a solid role player, and not much more.

But Foreman entered the league in 2017 as a waiting cow – a drafted third-round pick to ultimately lead the Texans backfield. The injuries have turned his career upside down. Still, he remains Tennessee’s best RB not named Derrick. Sunday’s opponent, the Saints, has the best running defense in the league (3.1 YPC), yet Foreman was first on the team in touchdowns and second in receiving yards. He’s easily more talented than Peterson at this point in their respective careers.

So yeah, I’m still optimistic about Foreman as an RB3 +. And with Houston on the bridge in week 11, fantasy managers would be wise to add it in and roll the dice if you don’t have a safer RB3 + to plug in.

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